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Web Development, Digital Marketing + Administration

Virtual Administration Services

Whether you are setting up a business or your business is already up and running, administration can be one of the most time-consuming but essential jobs your business requires. Documents can be provided to you in almost any format you want as well as images. Virutal Administration support includes:-

Creating and managing spreadsheets and databases

Spreadsheets and Database Development

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. Databases are a vital part of almost any business. Being able to store customer/user information in a clear and easy to use database helps businesses to run more efficiently. Most commercial websites have databases attached to them and most busineses will be using databases to help run their business. How many tables will you need for your database? What information will you keep on your database? How willl you be able to get different kinds of information from a database easily? I can design and build your database for you.

I can also create bespoke spreadsheets for your business to help you keep accurate records.

Creating Templates

Creating templates

Do you have forms, letters or documents that you use over and over again, just changing slightly each time? I can create templates for your documents that allow users to change a document without changing the original document each time.

Creating bespoke forms and documents

create bespoke forms and documents

I can create bespoke branded or unbranded forms and documents for your business for customers/staff etc to complete such as:-

  • Registration forms
  • Requisition forms
  • Application forms



Want a regular way to keep your customers/staff updated? Newsletters are great for keeping customers informed and reminding them that you are there to help them when they require your service. I can design and produce branded newsletters for you to send out to customers or staff or to download from your website. Professional looking digital newsletters are a fantastic means of marketing for your business

Brochures and Leaflets

Brochures and Leaflets

I can create professional looking brochures and leaflets to help promote your business.

Create Bespoke Images

Bespoke Images

Using software such as InDesign, Fireworks and Photoshop, I can create bespoke images for your brochures, newsletters and optimised images for your website etc

For more information on these or any other services please contact me.